NY based college radio faves Latvian Radio has been slinging their own brand of melodic, boisterous indie/power-pop to critical acclaim for a decade and a half. Most of their 7 albums have charted on college radio and ended up on multiple best album of the year lists. With their 8th release “Phooey!” they return to their power-pop roots with an added punch reminiscent of band favorites like the Replacements and the Plimsouls.
Here’s a first taste of one of the opening tracks of the album – “Make believe”.

“Phooey!” can now be found on any and all of your prefered listening places, although there’s a weird glitch in the first song, so until that is fixed (very soon), go straight to the second track!


Here’s an interview Patric Westöö did with Spanish Careta Radio in December 2022:

Two great reviews of the new album:

“Patric Westoo sure isn’t losing his power-pop touch. Nor has the band lost its flair on Phooey’s many mid-temp rockers. That’s why it’s fun/striking, and not unwelcome, that they begin on such a different tack. As if to throw us off their regular scent. Westoo punches out a faster punk/Flying Nun blend on “Sliding Down A Ladder” then “Make Believe”, with equal success. Turns out any Latvian Radio is good radio.”
– Jack Rabid, the Big Takeover Magazine

Patric Westoo returns to his power-pop roots with his latest effort Phooey! as it recalls Chris Stamey, R.E.M., and The Plimsouls with its catchy jangle on the opening gems “Sliding Down A Ladder” and “Make Believe.” The echoing beat of “Waiting On A Letter” is another winner with its bluesy guitar flourishes over the dense jangling rhythm. The late 60s psyche-pop influences are still there with the catchy “Out This Door,” but the best song here is the bouncy gem “Bloody Mary Me Marie” about meeting a girl at a chance encounter. The chorus echoes out the lyrics and the instrumentation is top-notch here.
The album’s second half doesn’t match that effort, but it still contains great songs like “Not Anymore” and “Genie In Bottle Alright.” The songwriting here is another strength under the surface, as the lone ballad “The Simple Kind” shows a maturity to Westoo’s storytelling ability. This album is a grower that requires a few spins before it sinks in, and it’s worth the effort. Highly Recommended.

– Powerpopoholic

“Heartfelt, clever lyrics and sonically intelligent, the boisterous LATVIAN RADIO relishes an underground garage sound with the feel of sunshine pop.”  
– Amplifier Magazine

Six prior LPs established pedigree, Give In To The Night steps up their game.”
“2017’s gem Pick Your Poison, Pick Your Blues revealed their maturation, but
perfecting that craft is in order here.”
“There’s something glorious about these big chorus hooks, multidimensional new
wave flecks, 1965 Kinks bounce, plus crafty, welcome political distaste.”

Jack Rabid, Big Takeover Magazine

Latvian Radio has spent a full decade now crafting their own brand of lyrically charged and sonically intelligent indie-power-pop. Amplifier Magazine labeled their songs as “Music as both entertainment and art. Truly the best variety.”

With their 7th release “Give In To The Night” they have made their most prolific and ambitous album to date.
It blends their signature melodic hooks with angular, abrasive guitars and at times a stark post-punk ambiance.
It has the endless melodic hooks you have come to expect but is equally fueled by a dark and weary undercurrent in the wake of a world that can’t get out of its own way.
It explores even deeper into the psyche of prolific songwriter Patric Westoo, and his sonically dense, yet impossibly melodic backing band.

Latvian Radio has been a mainstay on college radio since their 2006 release “Happiness Above A Hardwood Floor”. San Francisco based “Bagel Radio” had them in the top 5 for three straight weeks and “Saturday Left Her On The Floor” made their list of top 50 songs of 2006 at number 32. Their second album “Seven Layers Of Self Defense” made the CMJ top 200 chart for five straight weeks. Absolute Power Pop had it on their best records of the year list in 2009, “For love & spite” made it into the top 10, and listed again in 2016 for “Until tomorrow gets in the way”. Powerpopaholic wrote: “Overall a terrific album without a wasted track”.

The press has linked Latvian Radio to the likes of Elvis Costello & the Attractions, the Replacements, the Shins, the Decemberists, New Pornographers, Big Star and early REM.

After releasing three solo albums, NY based singer/songwriter Patric Westoo, teamed up with longtime Morgantown, WV friends Kim Monday (multi instrumentalist and director of Frozen Sound recording studio), Mark Poole (63 Eyes and Phantom Six) and Brian Porterfield (Cheap Truckers Speed) to form The B-sides in 2002. Their songs were short, raw, uncompromising and delivered with a great pop-sensibility. They released “Troubleshooting” in 2003. The opening track, “Letter To the National Enquirer”, was nominated for best rock song at the independent “Just Plain Folks Music Awards” in Santa Ana, CA.

When the time came to release their second record it was apparent that their name, the B-Sides, was taken many times over. They decided a change was necessary and went with Latvian Radio. Same raw energy, armed with stronger songs and a bigger more elaborate sound. Their ever evolving lineup also includes Jason Victor (Dream Syndicate) on guitar, Alex Baker (Skull practitioners) on drums and Patrick Derivaz (Tom Verlaine) on bass.

“Smart, mellifluously melodic candy”  
– Jack Rabid, The Big Takover

If you are Into early REM or the Replacements, give these guys a shot.”
– Alan Cross, A Journal Of Musical Things

“One of my favorites.”
– Absolute Powerpop

“The type of underground college radio phenomenon that we all came for.”
-WLUR 91.5 Music Review

“A stellar take on the power-Pop style. Lyrics have a unique substance to them
that maintain a slight catchiness while riding a groove.”

– MoAf Magazine


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