Different background – mutual attitude. Slim Fit melted cowboy, jazz, boogie and playwriting – and came up with hard rock grooves and twisted ballads. First performance, under the name of Mats Rosén & the Slim Fit Orchestra, was an immediate success. The first single was recorded and produced by Håkan Baccus. Tore Johansson of Vibrafon Records said it was the worst sound he had ever heard. Still Swedish National Radio picked it as the “Demo of the month”. The second single (self produced) was with its low-key acoustic sound an opposite of the debut. It showed indeed the wide approach the band had to its music. The third single, released through Belpid Records, was raw like gravel. It was back to that unmistakeable feeling of controlled power. Slim Fit on stage were a lesson in musical energy and dynamics. The full length debut “Extra Allt” (Extra Everything) wrapped up the Slim Fit body in a swell twelve-piece suit.
Post mortem release – “De Vita Banden” (the white tapes) – is a collection of untaimed sounds from the Slim Fit basement. Is it work in progress and/or a study in music evolution – you decide.

Slim Fit is now disbanded but very present at bandcamp »