Revolverkäke – Ride The Rails

Ride the rails by Revolverkäke The royalty from the Greatest Hits album has surprisingly run out and the magnitude of the bills supporting the Revolverkäke lifestyle needs immediate attention. So. Anticipated for decades a follow up to the iconic debut is due. “Best of Revolverkäke” rounds-up compositions conceived twenty years ago in the North Bay…

Amy Madden live at Choga on Bleecker street Thursday May 29th

Amy Madden will do an acoustic set at Choga on 145 Bleecker street (in New York that is) on Thursday May 29th. Alan Merrill will begin at 8 pm, Amy starts at 8:45, and at 9:30 they we will do an AM/AM set of acoustic blues, etc. There will also be special guests sitting in and there’s no cover.

Stellan Wahlström Drift Band back in the studio

Stellan Wahlström Drift Band has just started the recordings of a new album in Cobra Studio in Stockholm. It sounds up-tempo and quite rock so far. Christian Gabel is recording and the band is Mats Lutten Larsson (drums), Stellan Wahlström (guitars & vocals), Johan Werner (piano) and Bo Schager (bass).    

Release party of the new Un Rodo Cora EP April 9th at Bonden

Un Rodo Cora’s “The Perfect EP” is now out in the world and the release party will be held at Bonden Bar (Bondegatan 1C) in Stockholm on Wednesday April 9th at 19.00. Stellan Wahlström Drift Band will do a shorter acoustic set before Un Rodo Cora takes to the stage. It’s free to get in and the EP…

Amy Madden live at Choga April 3rd

Amy Madden is doing solo live gigs again. This Thursday April 3rd she’ll be at Choga on 145 Bleecker (upstairs) at 9 PM. No cover and there might be guests so don’t miss it if you’re in New York.  

Happy new Belpid 2014

Belpid likes to wish everyone happy holidays and a great new year. Looks like plenty of things will happen on our little label in 2014. Latvian Radio are mixing new songs, Un Rodo Cora are in Los Angeles mastering a new EP, and Stellan Wahlström Drift Band are getting ready to go into the studio…

New Un Rodo Cora EP due out in the beginning of 2014

Un Rodo Cora are now in the studio mixing the just finished recordings of a new four song EP to be called “The Perfect EP”. When that’s done they’ll take it to be mastered in Los Angeles and the release is planned to the beginning of 2014. Here’s a sneak preview, watch the recordings of…