Live clips from the Belpid 30 party + more

A great evening was had by all (we hope) at the Belpid 30 year celebration at Southside Cavern a few weeks ago!
Lots of people, lots of music, lots of Belpid. Thanks for coming! Here are some samples of what it sounded like.

First out was Un Rodo Cora, here’s a tastefull acoustic version of “The Good Boy”:

Un Rodo Cora – The Good Boy (live unplugged)

Här kommer lite filmklipp från 30-årsfesten. Så här lät unplugged-upplagan av Un Rodo Cora som vi fick höra, med låten The Good Boy.

Publicerat av Belpid Records Fredag 28 februari 2020

Stellan Wahlström Drift Band did a very rock set, this is “Someone Else, Somewhere Else”:

Latvian Radio‘s Patric Westöö battered a sore throat but made a great gig anyway, here’s “I Just Don’t Know”:

n Radio – I Just Don't Know – Live in Stockholm 2020

Här är ännu ett klipp från 30-årsfesten på Southside Cavern, där Latvian Radios Patric Westöö lyckades bemästra både ett helsvenskt backup-band och en illasinnad förkylning. Så här lät "I Just Don’t Know".

Publicerat av Belpid Records Tisdag 3 mars 2020

On top of all that, Revolverkäke just released their long awaited new single “Outlaws Never Lose”:

And here’s a brand new video of Amy Madden‘s “The Red And The Blue” from her latest album: