Live videos with Latvian Radio, Clownskräck and Stellan Wahlström, interview with Amy Madden

Coming up: Stellan Wahlström Drift Band will play the small intimate Larry’s Corner (Grindsgatan 35 in Stockholm) on Friday September 21 at 20:00. Writer Zac O’Yeah will read and entertain between the two sets. Welcome!


There’s been a lot of recent activity in the Belpid camp.

Latvian Radio played a gig at the legendary Bitter End in New York, here’s “Cigarettes & Soda”.

The Bitter End 4/28/18

Publicerat av Latvian Radio Måndag 30 april 2018


Amy Madden played the last gig at BB King’s which now has to leave their Times Square location. Here’s an interview she did for the 92nd St Y about life as a poet, singer/songwriter and bass player.

Bo Schager of Un Rodo Cora launched his new Swedish language project Clownskräck at Southside Cavern. Here’s the song “Människan”.

Stellan Wahlström Drift Band debuted a bunch of new songs at Southside Cavern, and before that he played a Sandy Denny cover in connection with writer Mats Kempe‘s reading.