New Un Rodo Cora single “Shimai” out now

“Shimai” is the first new release from Un Rodo Cora in two years, and the first taste of the coming new album.
It starts gently with just a repetitive guitalele and the lead vocal. Then the instruments fall in one at a time.
A meditiative song that builds and builds up to the redemptive ending.
Listen to it here (or on any other listening site you like):
Un Rodo Cora “Shimai” on Spotify

Also happening in the world of Belpid this week: on the party boat Patricia in Stockholm this Saturday the 11th,
Belpid is arranging the whole evening. Live on stage: Stellan Wahlström Drift Band, Area 59 (featuring Johan Werner
of the Drift Band and sometimes Un Rodo Cora), Eve and the Last Waltz and Tobias Fast.