New Un Rodo Cora album “Titles and Frames” will be out December 1st!

Seamless pop smarts drawing from a wide spectrum of genres and time periods. Delicate yet grandiose, intimate yet epic. Un Rodo Cora covers a wide range of musical landscapes, without becoming schizophrenic. The new album Titles and Frames will be released December 1st.

Their earlier albums were often inspired by geographical locations, with titles like New York-Barentsburg and Beijing-Bangalore. Then in 2016 came Love Thy Neighbor, an album more focused on a journey with religious and political overtones. And now with their fifth album Titles and Frames they take on the really big questions in life: Friendship, Love and Loss. And a bit of Death.

You can watch the video of the third single Just a boy above. And listen on Spotify below.

And here comes the second single from the upcoming Un Rodo Cora album, due for release in December. It’s powerful and intimate. It’s grandiose yet delicate.
It’s a song about the big things: life and death, love and loss. It’s called Grand Piano, but it’s just guitars. Here it is.

Un Rodo Cora gives you two plus minutes of champagne sparkles that quite possibly will prolong the summer. A classic pop song with a mix of retro and now.
A song about all those voices specialized in dissing and turning things down, just because it’s so easy. And how much harder it is to discover and lift something up. “To pick a winner is always risky … you need a nose to pick a whisky“, as we learn in the song.
This is the first single from the new album coming later this fall.
You can also listen here (and feel free to follow Un Rodo Cora while you’re there):