Un Rodo Cora making waves, and new recordings

Lots of good words have been said about Un Rodo Cora’s latest album Beijing-Bangalore. And now they’ve already started the recordings of the next album. Check out the clip below from the recording of the song “Perfect match”.

“Listen to the album a few times and before you know it you will have lost count how many times you have actually replayed all of the tracks. On the way to work, on the way home and in between.”
KJXM Radio (US)

“We’re already looking forward to what world cities the next trip of Un Rodo Cora will take us”
Rootstime (Belgium)

”Sometimes timeless surprises pops up and Un Rodo Cora is one of them.”
Allehanda Daily paper (Sweden)

”Eight excellent tracks that are both artistic and listening-friendly. The tone is a bit retro, but still very modern. Maybe it’s just timeless… This is simply fantastic music.”
Lyssningsknark (Sweden)

”It could be very shattered with such a mix of influences and musical approaches, but instead it’s quite the opposite. Un Rodo Cora is responsible for highly cohesive pop music, that is sometimes allowed to float in a slightly more dissonant rock landscape.”
Joyzine (Sweden)

The making of Perfect Match: