“Light sings of wear”, Amy’s third poetry collection in four years, introduces a denser more mature voice
while still maintaining that characteristic intimacy with the audience. Her inherent musicality, the deft interchange of pronouns and palpable city aura are hypnotic. As both the reader and the “read” one finds these poems not just penetrating but addiciting. Prepare to find yourself steeped in a literary landscape that has been described as “deeply familiar”.

Finally a digital version of Amy’s U.K. 1989 vinyl release, ‘Minor Disturbances’ which drew rave reviews from Melody Maker, Billboard and the NME. Plus live recordings from her earliest performances, some dark poetic 8-track home demos, and a rare Jamaican radio dub-mix of one of her first compositions. 13 all-original tracks, featuring the stellar guitar of Jon Gordon (Suzanne Vega), Jon Paris, Freddie Katz and Joe Pisciotta. Charlie Giordano (of Springsteen’s E-Street Band) played accordion on the single, ‘Hotel Ruin’, which was originally released by One Big Guitar records and distributed by Rough Trade.

Amy Madden is a songwriter and bassist who began as a 1980’s regular at CBGBs and other New York venues. A writing member of the New York bands The Shivers, The Gift, Electric Skin, Cruel 13, the Theoretical She’s and Friction, she recorded and toured in the mid-1980’s with Seattle-born rocker and Geffen artist Adam Bomb, sharing the stage with members of Poison, The Cult, Motley Crue and The Rolling Stones. Appearing at several high-profile shows with John Lee Hooker in the mid 1980’s, she connected with other blues artists– Michael Powers and the late John Campbell, among them, whom she backed with an all-star New York band.

Moving to London to pursue a solo career, she achieved creative recognition and significant airplay for her EP ‘Minor Disturbances’ recorded with Jon Gordon (Suzanne Vega, Madonna). Her single ‘Hotel Ruin’ featured the accordion of Charlie Giordano, currently a member of Springsteen’s E street Band.

Back in New York since the 1990’s, she has appeared regularly with blues artist Jon Paris and drummer Steve Holley for more than 20 years, opening for George Thorogood and Johnny Winter on tour, and as a band, supporting artists from Phoebe Snow to Johnny Copeland. She appears on all 3 Paris cds, as well as several film soundtracks. More recently she participated in Rhys Chatham’s The Crimson Grail performed and recorded live at Lincoln Center. She also played with rocker/songwriter Alan Merrill, Swedish guitarist Clas Yngstrom, and contributed bass and vocals on several original Swedish projects while in Stockholm. Currently she appears regularly with Jon Paris at BB King’s and other NYC venues, as bassist/vocalist with Alan Merrill’s electric ‘New Arrows’ trio, and is a member of Pale Moon Gang/Dig With Caution/Nightcrawlers (Richard DevGreene/Mark Brotter). In August 2012, Amy will be inducted into the NYC Blues Hall of Fame, acknowledging her work with Hooker, Paul Butterfield, Bill Dicey, and many other local and international artists. One of her original compositions will also be featured on a forthcoming Jon Paris release.

As a writer/poet, she maintains a website of essays ( and has also published a novel ‘Losing My Accent’ which is available for download on Amazon/Kindle. Her poetry has appeared selectively in the US, Canada and the UK, and she hopes to publish a volume in the near future, along with a new novel in progress.

In July 2012 she completed a project of all-original music written for an indie film soundtrack with guest appearances from Holley, Paris, Jon Gordon, former King Crimson composer and multi-instrumentalist Ian McDonald, jazz violinist/cellist Rob Thomas, and saxophonist Danny Walsh. Titled ‘Discarded Angels’, the 14-song cd was released by Belpid Records. She provided bass and background vocals on Belpid band Un Rodo Cora’s recent release, as well as performing and recording with fellow label artists Stellan Wahlstrom (Drift Band) and Patrick Westoo (Latvian Radio).

Discarded Angels
This began as a raw soundtrack for an indie horror film; the director was enchanted with the music and gave Amy license to take it further. With the engineering skill of Jon Gordon, he invited longtime bandmates Jon Paris (harmonica), and Steve Holley (drums) to add their musical signature. Rob Thomas of Mahavishnu and Jazz Passengers fame came in to play cello, and longtime great friend Ian McDonald– the legendary musician/composer/founding member of King Crimson, Foreigner, and so many other projects, added his musical grace. Danny Walsh (tenor sax), Jon Gordon (mandolin and electric slide on 2), Bill Christopherson (violin on 8 ) came in as well, to finish the long, dark musical journey. The result is a concept-collection of original, melodic, under-produced but masterful music which straddles the categories of indie, blues, singer-songwriter, melodic and adult-alternative rock. There are references to 60’s, 80’s and classical roots, but also something unique and edgy. Her musical experience is deep, and the songs are passionate and moving.

Amy, a poet and writer as well as seasoned New York bassist, is known for penetrating lyrics, and this album will not disappoint. Patricia Morrison of the Gun Club once described her previous release in the NME as ‘an eerie, sexually satiated female vocal telling a tale of love, tranquility and bricks falling on top of your head to a veritable time bomb of a backbeat. All very strange and rather groovy. ” It was also described by another NME reviewer as ‘the perfect soundtrack for a big hit American movie.”

“Discarded Angels” demonstrates a more mature, slightly more stripped-down approach to the same genre of melodic dark pop. Vocal performances are live and close; and Madden provided guitar tracks as well as electric and double bass. The blues influence is more apparent, and the lyrics are deeper and more developed. Musically the project takes more risks; repeat listenings reveal a complex web beneath the surface.

This is a concept album, and although tracks like “The Red and the Blue’, ‘Most of These Things’ and ‘Kathy’ all stand on their own, the project as a whole has a certain integrity and message. With or without visuals, the effect is darkly cinematic and the vision is personal and compelling. It definitely is a harbinger of things to come. Her song catalogue is vast and growing, and her material has been praised and covered by bands in New York, the UK and Sweden.

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