Harlem Demos – the new Amy Madden album!

The brand new album Harlem Demos by Amy Madden has just been released!
This is a collection of original dark, urban, cinematic songs with signature ‘Madden’ lyrics, produced and orchestrated
with musicality and restraint by Patrick Cowden in his studio in Harlem, and finished during the pandemic.
You can now find it on most streaming sites, buy it at ReverbNation, and get the CD ($20 includes mailing in the US) by mailing us at info@belpid.se.

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Amy about the recording of Harlem Demos:

Just before 2020, Patrick invited me to collaborate on some music. He was renting a place off Lenox Avenue in Harlem, a short walk uptown for me, where I played him some new songs on a guitar. He’d create basic tracks; I’d come up on a Sunday afternoon, drink a cup of strong black coffee from his kitchen, pull out some crumpled lyric sheets and sing a scratch vocal. A couple of these were composed on my way up Lenox. During the pandemic Patrick added guitars, drums, bass. I didn’t do a thing but write and sing… basic skeletons he sketched into beings. While he was forced to vacate the apartment, these eight songs resonate of that room up stairs on 118th Street— the old wood and the fireplace, guitars and cords, our coats on hooks, the landlord banging on the door occasionally…. me stopping at the Fine Fare on the way home, music in my head.