Fine reviews for the new Un Rodo Cora album

The new Un Rodo Cora album “Love thy neighbor” has been picked up by
radio stations across the globe and gotten some great reviews as well:

“This indie/alternative musical stew is so diverse, exhuberant and
always new, and still carrying the classic aroma of the best popular
music of our time. It sprouts and radiates in an irresistible way in
this genuine manifestation of a vibe that – beyond music – I can only
express as Unconditional Love. So strong, so simple.”
// Rooted Sounds (Spain)

“And there you have it, 10 songs in 34 minutes and it’s quite a journey.
These guys have smarts and gumption and aren’t afraid to take the pop
tag into different directions (or make a statement). Dive into the world
of Un Rodo Cora but make sure you’re in the deep end.”
// Dagger Zine (USA)

“As the album progresses and slowly runs to its end, the strong
variation between the ten tracks on “Love Thy Neighbor” is even more
noticeable. All kinds of music styles and genres are explored for these
songs and a nostalgic looking back is also present in almost every song
on this album. Our urging desire, however, is mainly to push the
‘Replay’ button at the end of these 33 minutes pleasantly enjoyable
music of Un Rodo Cora.”
// Rootstime (Belgium)

If you don’t believe them, or if you do, check it out for yourself: